DIY Chevron Nails 2013

The Chevron manicure is still very popular and on -trend.  Chevron, or zigzag, patterns are continuing to be hot into the New year and if you love doing your own nails and playing around with nail color and patterns, it’s really easy for you to DIY chevron nails using scotch tape. Learn how to do chevron (or zigzag) patterned nails step by step by  LCN’s Director of Education, Michelle Davignon:

Step 1:  Begin with a clean nail plate. We recommend using our LCN Nail Prep or Cleaner.

Step 2:   Choose 2 color polishes. They can be complimentary or complete opposites depending on the effect you are looking for.

Step 3.   Apply one coat of basecoat.

Step 4.  Polish your base color with 2 coats of polish and let dry completely. It is best to let them dry overnight or speed dry them using LCN Polish Seal.

Step 5. Using transparent adhesive tape (Scotch Tape) and pinking shears cut strips in any width for your nail design. Shorter nails look best with one or two strips while longer nails can handle thicker and multiple strips.

Step 6. Place the tape strips on dried polish making sure that the points from each strip match up for a professional look. Using an orange wood stick or cuticle pusher, gently secure tape around edges of the nail leaving enough to grab the tape off without touching the wet polish you will apply in the following step.

Step 7.  In one generous coat apply your second choice of polish over the entire nail and while polish is still wet gently, remove the tape strips.

Step 8.  Using a Striping Brush or a small paint brush, create details to your design by outlining your zig zags in glitter, black, white or adding another color.

Step 9.  Seal design with LCN Polish Seal for a high gloss, smudge-free shine in no time.


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