Drawing Room Decoration Ideas 2012

The space is very important, while the decor of any room like a bedroom, living room, etc. But the drawing room décor is the most important area for decorating. Before the decoration and furniture, think how much space has in your drawing room. If you have less space, require more care at the time of decorating. If you have more space, use space more efficiently. Decorative pieces such as sculptures, tapestries, paintings and flowers add to the beauty in the drawing room. In addition, you can use fresh flowers to any glass table.


Mirror looks more fantastic when you to put it in your drawing room. It increase beauty and make glance too.

The Color of Your Drawing Room

Color plays a most important role in of a room decoration. Light color create the room seem more spacious. For small parts, use light colors like white or off white, as they are obvious choices for the wall. The drawing room look smaller if you use sharp colors. But also, you can normally use warm colors to certain areas of the room. Therefore, the color should be chosen carefully for decorating the drawing room.

Interior Room Painting

 One day, the colors are more contemporary in demand as they are light, bright colors, add sparkle to the room. light colors You can easily use like white, versatile as you want and you can try bright colors also like red and blue. You can go for a choice of two-tone color combinations for the first time taking in the center and the other color to provide effect to shine in the first. If the drawing room location of is facing the sun, use smart colors like blue or green If the location of the room is sunny and you wish to keep warm in winter, go with tones of stones valuable as yellow and dark red to break the monotony.

Drawing Room Curtains

The curtains offer the traditional appearance and artistic piece. The designs of curtains depends on the windows, doors, wall color and decor of the drawing room. For curtains, cotton is the good fabric and is loved by all. Use curtains and walls are durable protection against interruptions. Use instead of fantasy that makes it attractive nuances.

Furniture for Drawing Room

The basic elements of the furniture decor are tables, chairs, sofas, etc. Small furniture needs to save all that saves space in the small room.

When a high concentration of people in any capacity, to minimize the problem of space in the afternoon, you can use a sofa cum bed, that serves two purposes, one of the sofas and a bed an emergency. If in a drawing room there is less space, use of furniture and folding furniture with wheels that can be removed only when necessary.

Plant Design Floors

There are three types of soil which is used in a room. Ceramic tile, wood and marble floors are suitable for the drawing room. But ceramic tiles are very easy to clean, bacteria free, scratch resistant, and free of stains. The tiles are good insulators. So your drawing room will look superb while using it.

Drawing Room Carpet

Rugs add a decorative touch to the drawing room. They are generally selected based on the drawing room location.

Drawing Room Lighting

Lighting is the main element while you think for decorating the drawing room. It increases the room value.

Hardwood Flooring for Drawing Room

Hardwood flooring is always advisable for its handicrafts. It adds beauty of a show.It is versatile, quiet and durable if properly maintained. It’s not hot in summer and cold in winter.

Proper planning for your drawing roombefore the time helps you for making best quality room with full of decorations.


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