Easy ways to Decorate your Beautiful Bathroom

No one wants to spend time in a mismatched and messy-looking bathroom. That’s one space where many people find comfort. But, not many take the time out to decorate their bathrooms so it looks nice. Here are easy and simple ways to decorate your bathroom.

1. Declutter your bathroom: Remove any unused stuff from the bathroom; a loofah kept for ages, bottles of cologne and bath-gel that have way past the expiry date. Discard any beauty products and toiletries that you think are uselessly placed and is taking up a lot of space.

2. Give life to your bathroom: Paint your bathroom, or clean up (if necessary replace with new) tiles. Try using two contrast shades of colour so it gives the bathroom a chic look. Also try spray-painting on one wall, if you are not using two complimentary shades, as this will help give a new look to your walls.

3. Get new stuff: Modify the knobs or maybe switch to new-age basins (like the painted glass ones). Replace towel racks or linen bars. Try keeping it inexpensive. But if you can afford, get modified showers to give your bathroom that extra zing.

4. Be creative: Use prettily painted containers, bowls or flower pots to keep your toiletries. Also change the blinds or curtains, and invest in some new, nice-looking upholstery.


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