Home Decor Tips for the Monsoon

Home decor tips for the monsoonThe last couple of days may have been bright and beautiful, but it’s better to be prepared for a sudden rainy spell.

Bring out those dust covers, umbrella bins, clear your balconies for the makeshift clothes-hangers and arm yourself with a few good doormats. Well, this piece of advice is only for those finicky souls who would rather not risk nature’s fury, as they see it. But all you souls with a passion for the rains, a romance for the grey evenings… throw all caution to the winds, pack up your valuables — art, artifacts, rugs, expensive crystals, etc, safely into your large cupboards and create an ambience of earthy romance in your home.

-Bring in all the plants that require shelter from excessive watering, spread a colourful sheet on your expensive jacquard sofas, and replace those vertical blinds with bright sunny cotton drapes.

-Let fresh flowers bloom. Fill the air with the refreshing aroma of coffee beans; bring out your sheer cottons and moccasins, lighten your step.

-Usher in the rains as romantically as you can and watch the family rise to the occasion.

-Use vibrant colours to perk up your home. Colours — the deep red and yellow of bell peppers, the deep purple of flowers that abound, the vivid raincoats and umbrellas that surround us — will brighten your mood.

-The pastel, pale, monochrome images of the summer are replaced by bright, multi-coloured hues of the rainy season.

Now go ahead and do a little rain dance!


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