Tips For Selecting & Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Tips For Selecting & Applying Liquid Eyeliner

Using liquid eyeliner can give eyes a dramatic lift. Eyeliner can provide a smoky look or a hint of elegance all by just selecting the right color and applying it correctly. Before worrying about applying eyeliner however, there are some things to consider when buying it.

When trying to decide which liquid
 to wear, start by deciding which colors to purchase. For people who have brown or other dark eye colors, blacks and browns work great for creating a smoky look. However, more unusual colors like blue and purple, which contrast the eyes, can make the eyes stand out and make them appear much more dramatic. Liquid eyeliner can also be purchased in colors like green and orange which make wonderful contrasts for people who have blue or green eyes. Some people also buy liquid eyeliner to coordinate with a specific outfit or dress. The color selection really comes down to deciding whether to complement the wearer’s eye color or accent it.

 When applying eyeliner, start with a very clean eye area by making sure that all old makeup has been completely removed. Applying liquid eyeliner does take some practice to develop a steady hand. Most makeup artists recommend starting as close to the lash line as possible and working from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Rather than trying to do one smooth stroke, try using small feathering strokes all along the lash line. This is a good technique to use especially if the person’s hands are a bit shaky or inexperienced. To get a cat like look, extend the line just a little bit beyond the corners of the eyes. To get a smoky line, use a smudger tip or brush to smudge the line.

Applying eyeliner take a bit of practice, especially with liquid eyeliner, but the results can be quite dramatic with just a little practice.


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