Tips for Using Natural Light to Enhance your Home Decor

One of the best ways to make your home feel natural and cozy is to use natural light to enhance your home décor. And one of the best and most effective ways to do this of course is to have lots of big windows with blinds or curtains to allow you to control the amount of light entering the room, and to adjust for privacy as well. Also, skylights can be nice for letting in both sun and moonlight.

 Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of already having a lot of big windows in their house, or are able to just put them in if they so choose. In these cases, you need to use the light you do have in more clever and constructive ways.

One of the more clever ways to take advantage of small amounts of natural light is to get creative with mirrors. Many people don’t think of putting mirrors right next to windows to direct the light coming through to a more advantageous location. If you then dress up or adorn those mirrors, you can make them look like a natural part of the room, rather than as a tool for directing sunlight. Also, for windows that have some small bit of dormer, you can actually line the dormer with mirrors to give the impression of a tunnel of light. Doing so also actually increases the amount of natural sunlight that comes through because it catches more of it from more angles.

You can also put mirrors on the walls adjacent to windows to reflect the light that comes back to the wall that has the window, or if you angle the mirrors, you can increase the amount of natural light flowing into one side of the room. Or, if you get really creative, you can use beveled glass mirrors to direct light to both sides of your room at once.

Another way to use natural light to enhance your home décor is to use whiter or at least lighter colors when decorating your home; doing so makes a room look brighter with less light in it. Also, you can take advantage of different fabrics that absorb light in flattering ways so that your furniture or other decorative items tend to glow softly in the light, rather than reflect back harshly at you.

And finally, another way to use natural light to enhance your home décor is to use prisms to bend light around and to add color to a room or especially a hallway.  There are many kinds of prisms; from strung beads to thick chunks, choosing carefully can add surprisingly beautiful effects to any home.


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